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Here is an outline of a typical design/construction process. As with design we can adapt this process to each individual project. 

1 Predesign- identify project’s program objectives, gather data on the client’s needs and the sites offering and constraints, establish a design outline and organize wants from needs.

 2 Schematic design- Synthesizing the information gathered in Predesign into a first round of formal design ideas. 

3 Design Development- adding detail to the chosen schematic design, providing more detail of design scope and working with the construction team to develop a preliminary budget.


4 Permit documents- drawn and written documents for review by regulatory and review boards. This includes submitting and acquiring required permits by either the design or construction teams. 

5 Construction documents- the creation of final drawings used for construction. 

6 Preconstruction – meeting of the design and construction teams to finalize budget, schedule and set up to begin work. 

7 Construction administration- we are available to assist the construction team with achieving a job complete on time and on budget

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Custom Houses 

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU'S)


Historic Renovation

About Us

Adaptdesign believes that good architecture can have a positive effect in your life 

Good architectural design, to us, is a process that works well over time, expressing and enhancing how you live, work, and grow your efficiencies along with your comforts. In the end, a design is only sustainable when its use and comfort are enjoyed by many generations with minimal alteration.

Robert has over 20 years of experience in the architectural field. He has worked as a practitioner in area firms and an adjunct professor at education institutions including Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Boston Architectural College. 

Through serving at many historic houses as a docent,  and  as a trustee, has shared his knowledge with others to  help in preserve the historic structures  of New England. 

His education includes a master’s degree From Savannah College of Design and a B.A. History from Plymouth State University. He supplements  his knowledge with extensive traveling to study architecture and continuing education programs to  bring a  balanced view of architecture and how  it can positively work with a clients needs and the environment is part of.